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Archive for 'Santa Fe Bay'

Two Days on Bantayan Island

Two Filipina on Bantayan Island

A report on some off the activities and sights discovered on my most recent trip to Bantayan Island.

Tickety Boo Beach Resort Reviewed Part I

Bantayan Island Resorts

It is my goal to stay at each beach resort on Bantayan Island at least twice and give you the inside information on each one. I would like to go every month but I probably wont be able to do that unless you want to take me! Well, I can dream. Last month I stayed at a resort with a modern, active feel.

Tickety Boo Beach Resort

In march I had the pleasure of staying at Tickety Boo Beach Resort. Its nestled back off the road a bit. Its quiet with an exquisite garden and well landscaped courtyard. The first thing that got my attention was they had a swimming pool at the resort and that is a major selling point for me. I didn’t find any information on their web site that they had a pool so I was surprised to see it.

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Floating Bar Bantayan Island

Food and Drink in Santa Fe Bay During my March 21st visit to Bantayan Island we stumbled upon the floating bar.  We had seen it before but had not been close enough to actually visit.  This time we rented a multi-cab and drove as close to it as we could. 🙂  There was a boat…

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