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Archive for 'Bantayan Island'

Bantayan Island Museum

This old fort appears to have been built by the Spanish, probably around 400 to 500 years ago. We were told it was built by the Japanese but I don’t think that’s true. I think it, like many old forts were used by the Japanese during WWII. I wasn’t able to find out the name of this fort. Its actually a museum. Not a major one but does show some of the local life around the Island.

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Kota Park on Bantayan Island

Pretty Filipina at Kota Park

Kota Park

On our visit on March 22nd, we had the chance to visit a beach and park used by the locals. Now this beach is not secluded like the beaches on Santa Fe but its a very nice beach with lots of room to roam in the sea. If you like to rub elbows with the locals, this is the place to go.

It is located on the southern tip of the Island in Madridejos Bay near Madridejos town. A strong typhoon blew threw May of 2008 and did quite a bit of damage and the facilities have not been fully restored. But nothing that should cause you to enjoy the place any less. There is a bay-walk and the last section of it had to be closed due to significant damage. It is still very enjoyable to walk down that way.

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Hard Kock Cafe

Hard Kock Cafe Reviewed

Hard Kock Cafe is an expat hangout on Bantayan Island. There’s usually a card game going on that sometimes results in some heated disputes from the way the players were talking but they went on to say everything works out okay and everyone remains friendly.

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Floating Bar Bantayan Island

Food and Drink in Santa Fe Bay During my March 21st visit to Bantayan Island we stumbled upon the floating bar.  We had seen it before but had not been close enough to actually visit.  This time we rented a multi-cab and drove as close to it as we could. 🙂  There was a boat…

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Eco-tourism on Bantayan Island

During my visit to Bantayan island last month I rented a multi-cab so we could get around the Island and visit some more areas that we have not been too. While out exploring, I noticed a sign pointing toward an eco-tourism attraction. I asked the driver to take us there. There was a sign indicating…

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St Bernard Beach Resort — Bantayan Island

In March, we (Jessie and myself) went exploring on Bantayan Island.  We stayed at Ticketyboo Resort which I will review and post pictures of soon, but while there we also visited St. Bernard Beach Resort.  We were told they sell exotic birds.  They had some awesome birds, but most of them were not for sale….

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Welcome to Bantayan Island!

Welcome to Bantayan Island! A website that will bring you information about Bantayan island, honest reviews. We’ll tell you where we go and what we liked. We’ll also tell you what I didn’t like.

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