Pictures of Bantayan Island

A reader of my other blog, Living in The Philippines — The Cebu Experience, made his first trip to the Philippines in 2009.  He came for a visit me in Bogo City and I suggested we head over to Bantayan IslandBantayan Island Fisherman

I could only stay for a single night but Joe stayed for over a week.  During which time he managed to have himself a heatstroke as diagnosed by the locals.  He might very well have, he was quite ill for a few days.

More time in the water and less time walking around seeing the sites might be in order!  Once away from the beaches of Bantayan Island it can get very hot.

Gallery of Pictures of Bantayan Island

I had a new underwater camera and this trip was my first chance to use it.  It is nice to be able to take a camera out in the water and shoot pictures back toward the beach.

Maybe we stayed out in the water long after we should have returned back to out Bantayan Island Beach resort but we survived.

I hope you enjoy my pictures of Bantayan Island.

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