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Welcome to Bantayan Island!  A website that will bring you information about Bantayan island, honest reviews.  We’ll tell you where we go and what we liked.  We’ll also tell you what I didn’t like.  I visit Bantayan Island along  Bantayan Islandwith my Filipina assistant.

We both love going to the island, its not crowded with a lot of tourist.  You may have the beach to yourself.  You’ll see more Filipino on the beaches than you will tourist.

Holy Week is the only exception to that.  Bantayan Island is famous for its solemn observance of the crucifixion of Christ.  During this time, prices are generally twice as much and you need to book your room well in advance.  I may get over there for a day trip this year.  I would like to report on what is going on over there.  However, not being a rich tourist or even a poor tourist, I cannot afford a week on Bantayan Island this year.  Maybe next year I’ll be able to participate in one of the biggest celebrations in the Philippines.

Bantayan Island is a fairly small island just off the northern tip of Cebu Province in the eastern central part of the country.  Cebu is part of the Visayas Region of the Philippines.  The main islands of the Visayas are Panay, Negros. Cebu, Bohol, Leyte and Samar.

The white sand beaches of Bantayan Island are clean.  You might run into a little trash here and there but the resort owners and perhaps city governments pay people to clean the beach as well.  I have little interest in getting into the water around major cities and if this looked to be dirty, I would not be out there.  The water is clear.

When I’ve been there, the beaches toward the north are warmer than those on the south.  The only downside is the water is not as deep at low tide and there is more seaweed.  The warmer water probably has something to do with the little bit of seaweed that is here and there.  There are some areas here and there with a rocky bottom that can be less than comfortable on tender feet not use to such things.  I don’t think you could ever get around all of that kind of thing.

On the south side of the of the Santa Fe Wharf, the beaches have a lot of dead coral and shells if you’re interested in collecting those.  They’re great for your aquarium.

I’ll close this introduction of Bantayan Island and get busy posting about my visits to the Island.  I will most often post pictures of the places I visit.  You’re welcome to share your opinions or call me out on something if you disagree.  I would love to see more of the disagreeing without being disagreeable on websites.  For now, you should make your plans to visit Bantayan Island.

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