Kota Park

On our visit on March 22nd, we had the chance to visit a beach and park used by the locals.  Now this beach is not secluded like the beaches on Santa Fe but its a very nice beach with lots of room to roam in the sea.  If you like to rub elbows with the locals, this is the place to go.

It is located on the southern tip of the Island in Madridejos Bay near Madridejos town.  A strong typhoon blew threw May of 2008 and did quite a bit of damage and the facilities have not been fully restored.  But nothing that should cause you to enjoy the place any less.  There is a bay-walk and the last section of it had to be closed due to significant damage.  It is still very enjoyable to walk down that way.

The Bay-walk at Kota Park Madridejos

Bantayan Island Kota Park

The water is crystal clear as always and the sand as powder white as you could ever desire.  This is a public park, t here is no fee to use it but donations are asked for.  If you donate, you can enter your name into a guest book.  You can bring all the food in you like with no corkage fee!  The donation can be whatever you like or nothing but I hope you’ll help the local towns people to rebuild their facility with P20 to P100 donation.  More if you like.

I enjoyed the kids, fishing with only a hook and string or building their sail boats, often out of trash.  I noticed one sail boat build from wood and painted!

Beautiful Filipina at Kota Park

Pretty Filipina at Kota Park

I’m not sure what’s going on in Bantayan Island or why they have so many pretty ladies but the place is packed with them!  The Philippines has the most beautiful women on the planet.  Bantayan Island has the most beautiful Filipina in the Philippines!

I throughly enjoyed my visit to Kota Park.

Lke Me!

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