During my visit to Bantayan island last month I rented a multi-cab so we could get around the Island and visit some more areas that we have not been too. While out exploring, I noticed a sign pointing toward an eco-tourism attraction. I asked the driver to take us there.

There was a sign indicating a fee of 5 Peso, but there was no one there to collect it and the driver told us to wait while they looked for the owner. He told us to go ahead but there was no charge. He had built a walkway over out to the mangrove jungle.

Bantayan Island Mangrove Jungle

In this still water, you can see just how clear the seas around Bantayan are.   At high tide there are many fish in the water.  Too bad we missed that.  Our group enjoyed this area of Bantayan Island and was well worth the few minutes we spent there.

The walk way eventually comes to a dead end.  I don’t know if they will add to it or if they have stopped construction at this point.  I hope they add too it.  I doubt it is a lot of fun to build!

Bantayan Island

I have wanted to get up in these mangrove jungles since I saw the first one and saw it personally instead of seeing them on animal planet.  The roots of the mangrove jungle are intimidating.  It looks like you could get entangled there and never get out.  Truth is, they are so dense, you’d have a hard time getting entangled in the first place.

Bantayan Island Mangrove Jungle

You might want to set some time aside to visit the ecotourism.  I don’t know of any other name for it.  The owner is a local government official and very nice.  It wont take long but it was enjoyable to me and to Jessie.  Jessie is not the out doors kind of person like me.

If I see a patch of woods or an animal trail in the weeds or under-brush, I want to dive in and check it out.  I want to know what created that trail.  First time I saw one here, I asked her if she’d like to know what created it.  She said yes, so I said lets go and started walking toward it.  She doesn’t say yes any more. LOL

Lke Me!

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