Old Spanish Fort

Bantayan Island Old Fort

This old fort appears to have been built by the Spanish, probably around 400 to  500 years ago.  We were told it was built by the Japanese but I don’t think that’s true.  I think it, like many old forts were used by the Japanese during WWII.  I wasn’t able to find out the name of this fort.  Its actually a museum.  Not a major one but does show some of the local life around the Island.

There was a picture of Filipino working in the salt fields.  They made 5 to 10 bags of salt per day.  They didn’t explain how big the bags were.  I see lots of ships with large bags coming off.  It takes a strong man to lift them.  Still,  it couldn’t have been a great deal of money. Just enough to get by on and barely at that.

Fishing is the life blood of Bantayan Island.  It is considered the place to be for Holy Week in the Philippines.  Locals though are trying to return the week to a solemn remembrance of Christ crucifixion.

The court yard of this old fort has been transformed into a beautiful garden.  Jessie pointed out an interesting “tree” without leaves.  It had only green branches without leaves.  She explained that it doesn’t have leaves.  The place was abundant with local plan life.

There was a marker pointing out that one corner was a sacred burial place for ancient for fathers known as Lawisanons.  There is a picture included in the gallery below.

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