Food and Drink in Santa Fe Bay

During my March 21st visit to Bantayan Island we stumbled upon the floating bar.  We had seen it before but had not been close enough to actually visit.  This time we rented a multi-cab and drove as close to it as we could. 🙂  There was a boat that took us out to the bar.

Floating Bar and Restaurant

This was a really hot day but out on the Floating Bar there was a nice breeze making it very comfortable there.  I loved it there.  If you do get hot, you can jump in the water!  I couldn’t because I had a camera and a phone.  Not sure how to handle that, not to mention a billfold!  There were not a lot of people out there but there were a few and they had no problems getting into the water.

We decided to go back to our hotel and go swimming and then come back to the floating bar to eat.  The restaurant at our hotel was just too hot.  And this place was perfect with very friendly waitresses.  I had the feeling they were open to dating some of the single expats that were there.  Lots of giggles and such.  Of course, when one goes fishing in unknown waters they should be very careful.  You might catch a barracuda or something even worse!

Hottie Filipina

They don’t cook on-site they take your order and send a text to a kitchen who prepares your food then they send it back via boat.  We ordered a pizza for Jessie and myself.  I don’t remember what Jean got.  The pizza was good but too small for my liking.  Still that was okay, I gained five pounds while on the island in March.

The service was on time and friendly.  I’d give the place five stars out of five. I don’t know how they could do anything better.  They also played a lot of rock and roll but later went to cheesy pop. 🙂  I would be sure to include it in my plans.  Its a great place to hang out during the hot part of the day, the only better place would be the water.

Lke Me!

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