Video Of Bantayan Island

I got this wonderful video of Bantayan Island made by the Philippine Department of Tourism. I emailed them using the contact form on their website asking if I could post their videos on my website. I’m amazed that you can email a Philippine Government agency and get a reply at all.  The answer was a resounding yes.

I love this video of Bantayan Island. I’ve been to many of the places in the video. It puts a smile on my face to see those places again. The video is long so it takes a while to load for some.

Video Includes some Lush Bantayan Island Beach Resorts

I have not been to some of  those places though.  I’ve priced the resort with the hot tubs shown in the video. Looks very nice and memory tells me it was very pricey.  Perhaps worth the price if you have the budget for that.

I’ve also not been inside the gates of Ogtong Cave Resort. I went by there once but there was an entrance fee just to go onto theIsland Hopping grounds.  I can understand that but I wasn’t willing to pay them to promote their resort via  pictures of their resort and put them on my website. I talked to another photographer,  at least quasi professional and he went so far as to ask and they still turned him down.  So I’m sure I had no chance.  I’m sure the guards are under strict orders and the resort charges this fee more to keep people out and from disturbing their guest.

I Will Soon Capture My Own Video of Bantayan Island

I am determined to visit Bantayan Island next month. I will be taking my old ancient video camera. I just hope my last battery does not refuse to hold a charge. I attempted to get some video of the Easter procession in Bogo City last week, my camera suddenly shut off and I found that the battery will no longer hold a charge. I wish to get a really great digital SLR before I buy a new video camera.

I hope you enjoy this video of Bantayan Island as much as I do.

Lke Me!

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