Bantayan Island Quickie

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of my air conditioner going off. Its yet another brown out in Bogo City. When Bogo City looses power, all of Northern Cebu Province usually does. I don’t know how widespread the outage was, one time all of the province lost power.

Jessie at Bantayan Island

I decided it was time for a day trip to Bantayan Island. It was a hot trip! Oddly while it rained on and off all day on the mainland, the island had hot but clear skies. As we were coming into port, Jessie noticed that she couldn’t see the floating bar but we thought it might be on the other side of the Island and just out of view.

Once we departed the ship though, a pedicab driver approached asking where I wanted to go.  I asked him if the floating bar was gone and he responded with “destroyed.”  It appears it didn’t survive one of the squalls that blew through a few months ago.  One night when it was pretty windy in Bogo, I wondered what it would be like to be on the floating bar at Bantayan.  Though I have no idea if that was the storm that took it out but, the news still answered my question and no more floating bar.

Bantayan Island Beauty

That was disappointing because I really enjoyed it there as it was cooler their than most places.  No trouble on deciding were to go though, we went straight to Tristan”s Beach Resort.  I could barely wait before I grabbed my favorite reclining bamboo chair and lit up a big old fat cigar.  The cigars are hand made here in the Philippines!

Jessie ordered a mango shake for herself and her son, Jason.  I told her I’d try hers.  Nancy, the owner of Tristan’s, brought out two shakes heaping over with mango and ice cream.  I asked her how it was and she said they are using fresh mango and that it wasn’t too sweet.  I gave it a try but it was way to fruity for me.   I suspect mould love it.  Jessie loved it enough to have two of them!

We noticed some construction going on in building next to the resort.  Jessie asked about it and was told she’s putting in one computer for her guest to use.  Nice touch!  Jason was really excited when he first saw the island but since he didn’t have a change of clothes Jessie wouldn’t let him go swimming.  So he ended up getting bored and wanted to go to an Internet cafe.  We wouldn’t know where he could go even if we would have let him. 🙂

Jessie ordered spaghetti and meatballs for Jason and they brought out a huge plate of it.  So Jessie helped him eat it and the pizza we ordered too..  Tristan’s always present there food in a splendid way and this trip was no different.  The beach had been built up, it appeared that more sand had been brought in.

Boat on The Beach

The ship or ferry we took to the Island was air conditioned and even I found it a bit cold myself, especially on my flip flop clad feet.  I was surprised by the number of people headed over to Bantayan Island on a Sunday morning.  There was only one other expat.  It appeared to be mostly Filipino headed back home after a weekend in Cebu City or other areas of Cebu Province.

The trip over was smooth, it almost always is.  No need for anyone to use the plastic bags hanging from the ceiling.  There Was a TV in the first class section which cost P150.  Second class is P120.  The setting in first class is a bit more comfortable too.  While there is no aircon in second or third class, once the boat is moving its quite comfortable, even for me.  It takes just a little over an hour to get to Bantayan.

We had to wait an hour and a half for a ferry.  One was scheduled to leave about 15 minutes after we arrived but the girl at Super Ferry suggested we shoudl wait since the boat had not arrived yet.  It never did arrive before the next boat from Island Shipping had arrived and we took that one instead.  The Super Ferry ships I’ve taken over didn’t have air conditioning as an option.  We ended up getting to Bantayan about 12:45.

Assuming the Position

That gave us a bit more than a couple of hours to enjoy the beauty of Bantayan Island.  The view was spectacular which is what one expects.  We also stopped by a shop that sells sea shell’s and wind chimes.  The wind chimes are made out of shells too.  They also have some necklaces and bracelets.  The wind chimes are very nice.  We bought one of their midsized ones.

Lke Me!

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