I haven’t been able to get back to Bantayan Island in some time.  Thus, my lack of posting on this site.  I still love the Bantayan Island.

I will get back over there soon though.  I could go for a day trip if nothing else.  I have a bit of a cold and have not been feeling well in general.

I ran across this video today and thought I’d share it here.

Some of the resorts on Bantayan Island had some issues with environmental concerns a few months back.  I’m sure the resorts have recovered now and I know they are operational.    Some of them lost buildings though.  Courts ordered them to destroy some structures that were ruled to be too close to the beach.

I’m looking forward to returning soon.  Hope I can stay a long time when I do.

I miss the lush serenity of Bantayan Island.

I can still see myself living on Bantayan instead of being an hour and half away from it.

Lke Me!

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