Tristan’s Resort Reviewed

Last week, I had the opportunity to head over to Bantayan Island for a night.  I choose to stay at Tristan’s again.  It was my second time to stay overnight at Tristan’s.  It is hard to improve on the experience at Tristan’s.


That’s me relaxing at Tristan’s Resort. Love that cool ocean breeze.

The owner of the resort is Nancy and she is attentive as they come.  If I’m hot, I get a fan turned on.  The food is fantastic and they take great care in the presentation of it.  I had some breaded pork chops that tasted of butter.   Just like the last time I had it, it is one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.  It is just unbeatable to me.

Tristan’s has these wonderful bamboo reclining chairs that I love too sit in for hours and soak up the cool breeze off the Visayan Sea.  Tristan’s is right on the beach except at high tide when the beach sometimes is replaced with water licking the steps of the resort.

Tristan’s is all about a peaceful place of rest.   If that’s what your looking for this is the place to be.

The cost of Tristan’s is quite low.  If you can get room one or two, you might pay a little more for those but they have a ref (refrigerator) and air con.  I think all of their rooms have air con though.   They don’t have hot water but I’ve never been there or any where else on the island where that is needed.  The water is warm right out of the tap.  On this last trip I paid only P800 for the room.  During peak season the price will be higher.  During Holy Week the price will be much higher, if you can get a room at all.  Unless you book it well in advance, you will not be able to get a room at all any where on the island during Holy Week.

If you visit Tristan’s please tell her that Rusty sent you.  I would make a reservation if at all possible and you should make arrangements if you’re going to be later than 1pm but check with Nancy about that time.

Her nephew is the cook and its obvious he’s had some training as its not your normal meal in the Philippines, it will always be presented nicely.  Jessie loves the pizza there but I’m more inclined toward those breaded pork chops.

For this visit, I spent only P2500 for my overnight stay.  That’s around 50 bucks and that includes the meals.

Tristan’s now has a boat to take guest to nearby Virgin Island, the captain is included for P1500.  I hope to give that a try on my next visit.  There will be the opportunity to go snorkeling as well.

If you do make it to Tristan’s Resort, please tell us how things went for you.

Tristan’s Resort Contact Information:

Contact: Nancy Fernan. Tel #: (032)438-9041. Mobile #: 09195371536

Tristan’s Beach Resort provides the best service you will ever find.  For that reason, it is one of the best of Bantayan Island Beach Resorts on the island.  It may not be the most plush but the service at Tristan’s resort makes it a favorite for many.

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