Bantayan Island Resorts

It is my goal to stay at each beach resort on Bantayan Island at least twice and give you the inside information on each one. I would like to go every month but I probably wont be able to do that unless you want to take me! Well, I can dream. Last month I stayed at a resort with a modern, active feel.

Tickety Boo Beach Resort

In March I had the pleasure of staying at Tickety Boo Beach Resort. Its nestled back off the road a bit. Its quiet with an exquisite garden and well landscaped courtyard. The first thing that got my attention was they had a swimming pool at the resort and that is a major selling point for me. I didn’t find any information on their web site that they had a pool so I was surprised to see it.

Tickety Boo Beach Resort

Tickety Boo Bar and Restaurant


The room was spacious but nothing extravagant. Simple rooms are what you should expect in most places within the Philippines. The cost for these is much lower than you might expect. Our room with an air conditioner (aircon) and a good size bed and an extra bed for our friend cost us P1750. A two person room with aircon would be P1500. They also have rooms without aircon for a bit less. You can get twin beds or queen size bed.

Don’t expect a full size mattress any where in the Philippines unless you ask before hand. Most places will have a foam mattress and inch or two thick and they are more comfortable than they look. Some places have full size mattress but you should ask for that if it is important to you. And ask before you get there.

The Resort Staff

The staff was awesome through out the resort. Very friendly and quick to respond to request. They met us at the dock with a Bantayan Island style limousine. Okay, I jest. Its a small truck commonly called a multi-cab in

the Philippines. The more expensive resorts offer fancier vans but this was fine for us. After a year of living in the Philippines, I’m use to the less than extravagant amenities. They provide transportation to the resort.and it was much appreciated. They found me as soon as I got of the ship.

Tickety Boo Beach Resort Restaurant

Once we were settled into our room we headed to the restaurant. It has a view with an awesome view from the balcony. It over looks Santa Fe Bay and onward to the Visayan Sea. The resort has an umbrella like canopy provided by the coconut and palm trees.

Tickety Boo Beach Resort

We had a snack of calamari which is similar to onion rings except there are no onions. Instead of onions the batter surrounds squid. Jessie and Jean had Mango juice. Its a bit too sweet for me but that’s partially becomes I so rarely have anything with sugar in it. Natural sugars or otherwise. Even non-diet soft drinks are way too sweet for me.


Calamari Rings At Tickety Boo Beach Resort

Tickety Boo Beach Resort

Jessie drinking Mango Juice

After our snack we went exploring the island for a bit. On our return we went to the beach and into the water. First into the sea. To continue reading and to see pictures of the beach, please visit the NEXT PAGE.

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