Tickety Boo Beach Resort:  Bantayan Island

Kids all over the Philippines make sail boats out of whatever materials they have. When we went near the beach at night, we spotted these kids playing with the sail boats they crafted from discarded items. Jessie hopped the retaining wall and grabbed this picture of one of the two boys playing with their sail boats. This may serve them well when they are older, especially if they become fishermen.

Tickety Boo Beach Resort

Children playing with Sail boats. A common site in the Philippines

The pool, as I said before was a very nice added bonus that sets this resort from most others. I enjoyed getting out of the ocean, using the outdoor shower to get the sand off me and then heading to the pool. To continue reading please visit the NEXT PAGE.

Tickety Boo Beach Resort

A local artist had painted some of the walls around the pool. I’ve seen pictures of sea life at Tristan’s Resort as well. I think from the same artist. True to Philippine form, they are brightly colored. The Philippines is a colorful place! While homes are often toned down in color, most every thing else screams “Look at me!”

Jessie, being of the competitive type, unlike me, we ended up having swimming races in the pool. Funny, that I managed to pull muscles in my shoulder in chest when I’m not competitive at all. 🙂 Of course I am, just as much as she is. I think she beat me but she says I beat her. Well, other than the time I went off course and swam across the pool rather in a straight line. She clobbered me that time. Looked like she go o the other side first but she says no. I guess it was a photo finish. She tried to get me race again the next day but I resisted, as hard as it was.

The time in the pool has renewed my interest to join the local beach club so we can go swimming when we like. Today it is 33C/91F which is quite warm with the humidity levels we have here. I had hoped it would be cooler today as we had a good deal of rain last night. This is the hottest part of the year. After June, it should start getting a little nicer with highs around 30C/86F

Live Band

Tickety Boo has a live band on Friday and Saturday nights..  The name of the band is d’ Everlast. They are quite capable, good musicians and a good singer that ads his flavor to the songs they cover.  The owner of the band is also a member of the

band.  On the night we were there though, she did not perform with them.  I don’t know how often she takes part.

For me they played too many ballads but the girls love those.  They did from time to time play some more up beat tunes and a little hip-hop too but with a rock flavor as they do have guitars!

I would have been able to enjoy it more if it had not been so hot.  The bar is air conditioned but it didn’t open until 8pm and they didn’t turn the aircon on before that time.  I tried to wait it out but finally it was just too hot for me to enjoy myself.  So I went outside.  There were picnic tables just outside the window.  When the waitress saw me out there she opened the windows.  The staff at Tickety Boo is very attentive and often very pretty too!

A few issues during my stay

The only complaint I have about Tickety Boo is that they have a severe shortage of fans.  Once I left their restaurant without ordering mostly because it was too hot for me.  Now I have more problems with heat than most people, even most other Westerners.  Out on the Balcony of the restaurant was cool enough but they didn’t have tables out there for a full meal.  With more fans, I could have stayed.  Instead I went to Tristan’s and ordered a Pizza.

One other issue that was note worthy was a frozen beer they brought me.  The beer was frozen solid, she should have returned it and brought me something I could drink.  It was completely undrinkable, once it thawed a bit, it tasted like water of course.  Perhaps I could have told her to take it back but based on other experiences I’ve had, I would have been expected to pay for it anyway.  I’m sure the waitress didn’t know what to do but she should have known.  She did know it was frozen.  I have no compliant about the waitress.  She was very pleasant and attentive.

The toilet in our room didn’t function properly.  I’m not sure what the issue was but it filled so slowly.  So slowly at one point that it wouldn’t flush at all.  They were quick to respond but it still filled very slowly.  It never worked as it should.  It wasn’t a huge issue but it was an issue.  The toilets should be working without flaw.  We managed though.

One other minor thing was the steps provided to get to the beach.  There is a necessary retaining wall between the resort and beach.  In order to get to the beach, you must walk up these short steep steps.  There is no railing and each step requires a bigger step than normal…  The chance of a fall is too great in my opinion.  Again this is not a deal killer for me.

{Note:  the issues above were resolved.  Kudos to the management of the resort for acting on this!  Shows they really care.]

No place is every perfect and you also have to consider the price being paid.  For $30 a night for a room we got a lot.  I will stay there again and I would recommend it to my friends.  The great staff, the surroundings the pool were more than enough to make up for the few issues that were less than perfect.

Contact Information:  Owner Thess Charlton
Telephone Number: 63-(032)438-9105
Cell Phone: 63-920-749-0743

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