In March, we (Jessie and myself) went exploring on Bantayan Island.  We stayed at Ticketyboo Resort which I will review and post pictures of soon, but while there we also visited St. Bernard Beach Resort.  We were told they sell exotic birds.  They had some awesome birds, but most of them were not for sale.

I failed to get the owners name but he was very friendly.  They advertise this site as “very wheelchair friendly.’  Since the owner is in a chair, I’m certain that he would be an expert on this.  The rooms were all large with lots of free space in them.  At least the rooms I saw.

They’re was one bird that I was particularly fond of  His name is Paparroti that took a liking to me.  I know a little bird body language, and I do mean a little but he seemed to appreciate my head bobbing hello to him.  I never owned a bird but I picked up just a little from friends and my visits to bird stores.

It wasn’t long before he flew onto my shoulder.  When Jessie tried to talk to him too, he fussed at her and basically said get away.  Then he flew onto my head!

Rusty and The Parrot

We plan to stay there on our next visit and will give a more detailed review then.  The place is enclosed with coconut trees that tower over the edges of the compound with palm trees providing shade over the cottages.

The rooms are cottage style  which is very appealing to me.  Not crowded, not noisy.   A very nice place to walk through.  I’ll have to stay there before I can give it a proper review.  The resort is situated on the white sand beach with white sand. leading directly into the sea.

You can contact the resort directly by calling or sending an SMS text message to 63-917-963-6162.  The resort is located on the north side of Santa Fe Wharf where your boat will come in if you arrive by boat.  The only other choice is by private plane.  Room rates are start at P750 per night or P1000 for a room with Air Conditioning.


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