y name is Rusty Ferguson and I am an American happily living in the Philippines. I have been living in Cebu Philippines since February of 2008.  That means I’ve passed the five year mark.  Most of the expats don’t make it that long. Some have been here much longer than myself. I have been here long enough to share with others what I know and hopefully make their move to the Philippines as successful as my own.

I am born and bred a Southern boy and like most southerners very proud of it. Filipinos often say I sing when I talk. They are referring to that southern accent that so many American like to make fun of. That doesn’t bother me, I know we don’t sound as smart as we are.

I grew up in Jackson, Ms. I went to Millsaps College and received a Bachelor of Business School (BBS) with a major in Rusty Fergusonaccounting. After college I had a couple of short stints in jobs I was not happy with until getting hired by the IRS. I actually wanted to work for the IRS.  I was a revenue agent which means I went out to businesses and audited their tax returns. It isn’t an easy job to get.  Though the FBI was interested in me and I them, my health was never good enough to pass their physical requirements.

I have been blogging on the Internet since 1996. Even before that I was online in an old system known as Fidonet. I am not a good technical writer, in fact, I’m fairly poor at that. What I am good at is emotion in writing. And people seem to think I tell a pretty good story. That’s bound to be my southern roots. If you’re one of those people that have a serious problem with mangled English, I’m not for you. If you want to read something that is genuine and comes from the heart. Something that is personal and learn about the Philippines as I see it, then this is the place for you. I think that is enough of my history. Let’s talk about the Philippines.

Why Rusty Ferguson Lives in the Philippines

I am often asked by old friends from high school, “How did you end up in the Philippines?” I was at a low point in my life. Most of us have those. I was at the end of a failed marriage, retired on disability and struggling to make ends meet. Being the resourceful survivor that I am, I decided to take a chance in hopes of turning a bad situation into a good one. Without a lot of money, poor health and overweight my outlook for dating seemed bleak. Hard to date when you can’t afford to breath!

Rusty Ferguson with George

I had met several Filipina online. All of them very pretty, very sexy and very interested in me.  Women in their 20′s and I was 45. I wasn’t use to this but I surely did enjoy it. Now most of those women, quite frankly were full of it. There was one though that seemed different. Her name was Jessie. She seemed so different that I decided to walk away from my home and all my belongings to be with her. I don’t recommend you do what I did. I’ve been with Jessie for the entire time I’ve been in the Philippines. She has given me the best period of time in my life.

I also moved though for the lower cost of living. I reasoned that even if Jessie didn’t work out, I would have more opportunities in the Philippines. That has proven to be true. I have done many things here that I could never do in the USA.

My life is far more full here. Many Filipina adore me. They want me. Some good, some not so good.  Usually young beautiful women.

I have traveled to some amazing places. Enjoyed Filipinos. I live in a ten room house, split into three levels and is a half mile Rusty Ferguson with Jessiefrom the beach. The cost for this home is under $300 a month. I also have a live in nanny called a ya ya in the Philippines. At times, I have had two of them. Things seem to go smoother with only one.

For me, living in the Philippines has worked out very well. For others, they are unable or unwilling to make the adjustments necessary to living in a developing nation. I write about the good and the bad of the Philippines. Knowing what you are getting into can help with your success. I was clueless when I moved to the Philippines but I’m more adventurous than most. Recently, a Filipina told me “Rusty Ferguson, you have no fear.” She is wrong, but maybe I have less than others when it comes to new things. I love learning and new things gives me that.

Follow along and I will tell you of my life in the Philippines. Nearly everything I say is opinion. Please keep that in mind as you read along about Rusty Ferguson’s life in the Philippines.

Lke Me!